Ethnic Retailer Case

Privately owned company that operates 20 full-service supermarkets in the United Sates East Coast. The company is in the process of transitioning to 2nd generation and aspiring to grow the business as provider of good value and ethnic groceries.


To ramp up leadership skills for top-level management.

The Journey

The Journey was a 7-month program that blended classroom sessions, web-based learning platforms, 360 assessments, personal executive coaching and internal mentoring.

How we did it

Initial Discovery Meeting:

Initial conversation with the executive team to identify organizational needs and clarify the leadership process and activities. At this stage, it was important to understand executives’ concerns and their culture. We determined next steps and future alternatives.

Webinar and pre-class work:

The Leadership Journey consisted of multiple accompanying parts. The webinar or live meeting clarified two key activities: the process of 360º feedback, and the online courses Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Best Practices.
Executives selected their raters—who completed a 360º survey about them—as well as provided their own self -assessment. A learning plan with six online courses and optional readings were assigned to participants. The two initial courses were pre-requisites for the classroom training.

Classroom training:

The objective of the two-day workshop was to demystify leadership as well as discuss leadership best practices, the company’s values and the 360º assessment. During the group meeting, we explained how the assessment data would be presented and how the report would be used in the coaching session.

Post-Classroom Communication:

Each participant received an email containing a sample outline of their self-development plan and a reminder about additional online courses and their future coaching session.

Coaching Session:

Each Journey participant had a 360º feedback and coaching session. During the session, we covered their self–development plan, individual strengths, weaknesses and leadership practices. This dialogue also pointed individuals to their future mentoring activity, which would be completed internally, and helpful in refining or revamping their individual self-improvement plan.

Company Conference:

Combined with recreational and team building activities, company values were further refined. Additional topics were leadership, coaching and mentoring, and the emotional and social composite inventory for the company.

Internal Mentoring:

To maintain the growth process and increase accountability

Internal Development:

Have managers develop their teams using leadership journey concepts, coaching and mentoring, and the online training.

Target Audience:

Group 1: Executive team
Group 2: Store managers, high potentials
Group 3: Directors and office managers