The IGA Coca-Cola Institute works to increase people performance and business effectiveness through online learning, classroom training and support services. Today, Institute President Paulo Goelzer shares insights on the importance of developing a learning culture using the Institute’s new Learning Management System.

Change is constant, and as a result, we must always be changing the learning environment we provide IGA retailers, managers and employees. Doing so allows them to have the up-to-date tools and resources they need to develop productive learning cultures within IGA stores.

Creating new learning cultures requires a support model that provides just the right amount of learning guidance, content assistance, and monitoring benefits to the learner and manager.

It is with that in mind that we at the IGA Coca-Cola Institute began working last year on a new Learning Management System (LMS) for Institute courses that provides a better way to find courses, see team progress, generate reports in an easier way, and facilitate the management of team learning. And now, we are pleased to announce that on March 2, 2015, we will roll out the new LMS.

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Of course, transitions are never easy—especially considering that many of you have been using the current system for more than a decade—but we have been working diligently on the transition process in order to make it as smooth as possible. And you can rest assured if surprises occur, we will deal with them quickly. We are simply asking for your understanding as we move to this much-improved platform.

More details about the transition and its new features will be communicated by email and via the LMS website in the following weeks and months. We look forward to working with you through the new LMS to create improved learning cultures throughout IGA stores.

Paulo Goelzer

IGA retailers: The new LMS requires that you prepare for the transition. If you have not started the transition for your store, we urge you to visit the Online Training Transition Website for a transition checklist.