The IGA Coca-Cola Institute works to increase the people performance and business effectiveness through online learning and support services. Today, Institute President Paulo Goelzer shares information about an important transition and introduction of a new leadership program.

Some say that innovation is “changing when there is no pressing need for it.” Well, that is certainly the case with the IGA Institute’s Supermarket Management Class.

We believe that the past 15 International Supermarket Management Classes have provided an invaluable learning opportunity for students worldwide. Certainly we could have kept going as we were. We had good faculty, people were attending, and our reviews were very favorable.

However, since our first class 10 years ago, our environment has changed significantly, and our insights about learning and development have evolved. As a result, we decided to change, as well.

After careful research we believe a new platform is needed. Going forward we will discontinue the Supermarket Management Classes, but we are not discarding the knowledge and the experiences the immersion class provided. Instead, we are applying new technologies and insights that will allow us to focus on the development of senior/middle management through the use of our new learning Leadership Journey program. This unique, blended approach to training involves classroom and online training combined with coaching and assessment.

One key component of the Leadership Journey is self-insight. It is impossible to understand the needs and perspectives of your followers if you don’t first understand yourself. To become a better leader, one needs to know how he or she is perceived by others. This first component consists of a self-assessment, rater-solicited feedback and coaching elements.

The second component of the program is e-learning, which is used for both pre – and post-class instruction. The e-learning objective is to maximize the journey’s experiences and to expand on relevant topics post class.

The third component focuses on operational elements, which will include areas such as produce, meat, deli, and merchandising based on the needs of the of the target audience.

We believe that stores need a dynamic and flexible team that combines associates strengths, experiences and knowledge. Leadership strength and trust are the key non-financial factors that motivate your personnel to stay, and leadership is vital in encouraging job advancement and professional development.

Your new Leadership Journey program will help you achieve all of these goals. Contact the Institute at 1.800.321.5442 or to let us know if you are interested in the Leadership Journey for your organization.


Paulo Goelzer