For the last 20 years, the IGA Coca-Cola Institute has provided learning resources for food retailers worldwide. Today, the Institute serves more than 6,000 businesses with more than 115 industry-specific online courses divided into nine different libraries. The Institute continues to support users from around the world with courses translated into Spanish, Polish, Mandarin, Russian and Portuguese.

In 2013, the Institute had 327,175 course enrollments, representing a growth of 90 percent over last year. The beginning of 2014 also marked the historical figure of more than 1 million total enrollments.

This year will also be marked by a new development model that employs multiple instructional modalities combined with learning activities and other requirements. This approach incorporates e-learning with coaching/mentoring to maximize the learner’s development. The learning units are designed as building blocks representing the different areas of retail operations arranged in layers. We call this the Stackable Development Model.

Today, many renowned organizations are using our program branded as their corporate universities, including the Canadian Federation of Independent Retailers, National Grocers Association in the U.S., MIDA in Puerto Rico and Grupo Rey in Panama.

We would like to thank Coca-Cola, Kraft, P&G, Nestlé, Anheuser-Busch and Smuckers for their contributions to our development and sponsorship of this organization. These Red Oval partners endorsed initiatives to increase the prosperity for retailers worldwide and also helped foster local entrepreneurship and people development.


by Paulo Goelzer

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